Closed Loop Recycling...

Closed loop recycling is the method of collecting, recycling and producing a product that is re-introduced back into the supply chain. This ciruclar process of collection, recycling and re-introduction of using materials again and again is Closed Loop Recycling.


At European Polymers Ltd we facilitate a fully transparent process by collecting plastic packaging waste from our suppliers, recycle that waste and manufacture new plastic products.


Maximising the life of Plastic Packaging...

We are able to offer this service on LDPE Films and EPS (Polystrene) packaging waste. Products that are tangible and can be used back in our suppliers own supply chain. We maximise the life of plastic packaging and some of the examples of the products are:



  • Bags for Life
  • Mail Bags
  • Film rolls
  • Refuse Sacks
  • Mattress and Furniture Covers
  • Pallet Covers
  • Lip & Tape Bags
  • Rubble/Aggregate Sacks
  • Bags on Rolls
  • Clinical Waste Sacks
  • Damp Proof Course Membranes
  • Polystrene Fish Boxes
  • XPS Insulation Panels

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Closed-Loop Recycling


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